WWW Wednesday!


To play along, just answer the following three (3) questions…

• What are you currently reading?
• What did you recently finish reading?
• What do you think you’ll read next?

Currently Reading:
The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton – ‘A a spellbinding mix of mystery, thievery, murder, and enduring love’. View on Goodreads.

Just Finished:
Poison by Sarah Pinborough – ‘A beautiful, sexy, contemporary retelling of the classic Snow White fairy tale’. I was sooooooooo excited about this and it hurts me to say that I was a bit disappointed. Maybe I expected too much? Sad Panda. Review to follow shortly. View on Goodreads.


Up Next:
Either Throne of Glass or Storm Glass. It’s all about the glass apparently.

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Author: lipsyy

Creative Writing graduate. A Northerner in London. I probably love books a bit too much. Also enjoy vampires, unicorns, man love, tennis & can't get enough of trashy teen novels. I find myself thinking 'What Would Buffy Do?' way too frequently. HIYA!

23 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday!”

    1. I know!!! I should know not to get too excited about books before I’ve even read a page. It wasn’t bad…but it wasn’t brilliant either. I’ll try and do my review today 🙂

  1. I have been meaning to read each and every one of the books on this list!
    I read Morton’s The Distant Hours, but I was a bit disappointed. But I have heard good things about The Secret Keeper, though! 🙂
    Throne of Glass has such a good reputation, and I am so excited about reading it, and Storm Glass is Maria V Snyder, so of course it’s going to be amazing 😀

    1. I haven’t read any Snyder yet but I’ve told I must! Do you know what her first series was? (I know, I’m too lazy to look it up!) And I didn’t read The Distant Hours but I loved The House At Riverton a lot so should be good.

      1. WHAT! No way! I’m not sure which came first, but I read her Study trilogy first (which is now turning into a six book series – yay!). That trilogy is one of my favourites of all time. Her Healer series is also very amazing 😀 You have so many good books ahead of you!
        I think I have to give a different book of Morton’s a try. Maybe The Forgotten Garden, that’s a lot of peoples favourites.

      2. haha awesome, I look forward to discovering them! Yeah I’ve heard The Forgotten Garden was good too. They all sound a bit similar to be honest.

  2. I’ll be interested to read your Moreton review (if you do one) as I’ve seen it in the shops and been wavering as to whether or not I should get it.

    1. Thanks! Yeah it sucks when that happens but never mind. There are plenty more books in the sea…or hopefully on dry land somewhere.

  3. I really want to get my hands on Throne of Glass! Looks awesome. I just finished Snyder’s Poison Study, Magic Study and Fire Study – they were really good but my absolute favorite was Poison. I think, and I could be wrong, that Storm Glass follows those three (with a side character that gets her own three books) but I am pretty sure they talk about the two mains from the study books a lot. Just a head’s up, if Storm Glass is about Opal…
    I have a bunch of Kate Morton’s books on the TBR, my mom read Secret Garden and devoured it.

    1. Ahhh thanks! Yeah, I wasn’t sure if it followed on from another series or was a completely different one. I’ll have to find out before I start it…I think I’d rather start with the Study ones if that’s the case! The Kate Morton books are definitely a bit ‘mumsy’ but I like that kind of thing as a change to all the paranormal & Fantasy stuff. It’s like a little holiday. 🙂

  4. That’s always frustrating when a book doesn’t live up to your expectations. Sorry you were disappointed. Hope you enjoy Maria Snyder’s Glass series! I haven’t read that one yet, although I did read her Study series and enjoyed those. Happy reading!

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