The Perfect Picture Book This Christmas?

It’s Christmas and two tree decorations – cardboard prince Rudolph and clothes peg fairy Rosalind – are discarded for being too shabby. Christmas Eve magic brings the toys in the cupboard to life, and when they discover their two friends are not on the tree, they search for them. However, while they are away, a Fouly – the exact opposite of a Christmas Fairy – sneaks in and hides. Unaware of the evil creature’s presence, the toys return with Rudolph and Rosalind, who have also been transformed, and they all help prepare a festive feast. During this the Fouly steals Rosalind’s wand and uses it to kidnap Father Christmas… Rudolph and Rosalind go to rescue him, but they must first seek out Santa Lucia for the one thing Foulies hate the most: the Lucia Light.

Their mission takes them to the Fouly Castle, but they are captured and confronted by Malicia the Fouly Queen. Using the Light, they defeat Malicia, free Father Christmas and return home. But the Fouly follows, seeking revenge, and – backed by a fierce Holly Army – the battle for Christmas begins… Will the Fouly be defeated? Will Rudolph and Rosalind be thrown away, or will the gratitude of Father Christmas help them regain their places at the top of the tree?

The Prince, The Fairy and The Fouly is a charming adventure story which combines all the elements of a traditional Christmas tale with a variety of characters and situations that highlight the battle between good and evil.

Resplendent with beautiful black and white illustrations, it’s the perfect bedtime story for children aged 7+ in the run-up to Christmas, and an ideal stocking filler. Its large format and presentation make the book ideal for emergent readers.

I read this when I was ill in bed yesterday and it cheered me up immensely. I’m not sure that lengthy synopsis is really necessary though!

The story centers around two discarded Christmas decorations and their friends who come alive each Christmas Eve and host a party for Father Christmas. However, there are evil Foulies lurking and one of them is so jealous of the fun they are all having, he kidnaps Father Christmas, putting Christmas in Jeopardy for everyone.

This is a traditional story that I can easily picture families reading together at Christmastime. It has just enough danger and action to be interesting and just enough magic to be beautiful. But the main star here is definitely the illustrations. The illustrator has done a beautiful job and the cover really doesn’t do it justice. The Christmas pictures are dazzling and the Foulies are truly sinister with their spidery limbs and hairy coats.

I loved the monster’s ball and the resolution to the story, Fitzsimmons manages to cram in a lot of detail in very few words. I only really had one gripe – the cardboard Prince’s name, Rudolph – I felt might be a bit confusing for children especially when Rudolph takes Father Christmas’ reindeer to go and save him…or is it just me?

Anywayyyyy, if I had a 6-8 year old child in the family, I wouldn’t hesitate in buying this for them this Christmas, it would make a lovely present.

unicorn rating 4

Disclosure: I received an advanced copy from the Publisher/Author in exchange for an HONEST review. Many Thanks!
Title: The Prince, The Fairy and The Fouly
Author: Jim Fitzsimmons
Details: E-book
Publication Date: November 4th 2013 by Troubador Publishing Ltd.
My Rating: 4/5
If you liked this try: Christmas Tales by Enid Blyton

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