Last Month in Books: January 2016



I took most of January off from blogging which left me with a bit more reading time which was nice. It’s nice to be back though.

January 2016 Stats

Total Posts: 10 (-2 from previous month)

Books Read: 7 (+3)
Half a King ~ Joe Abercrombie
Sanctuary Bay ~ Burns & Metz
The Snow Queen ~ Hans Christian Andersen
Bookishly Ever After ~ Isabel Banderia
The Poison Artist ~ Jonathan Moore
Angel of Vengeance ~ Trevor Munson
The Merciless ~ Danielle Vega

The Breakdown:
Genres: YA (4/7); Horror (1/7); Crime Fiction (1/7); Fantasy (1/7); Fairy Tales (1/7)

Formats/Sources: Advance Copy (3/7); Digital (3/7); Hardback (2/7); Paperback (2/7); Owned (1/4)

Most Surprising: Sanctuary Bay
Most Disappointing: Bookishly Ever After
Most Exciting: Sanctuary Bay
Most Swoon-worthy:  Angel of Vengeance (I guess)
Most Beautifully Written: Half a King

Reviews: 3 (-1)

    • The Poison Artist by Jonathan Moore, 2/5 (View)
    • Sanctuary Bay by Burns & Metz, 5/5 (View)
    • Bookishly Ever After by Isabel Bandeira 2/5 (View)

Most Viewed Posts

Seeing as I only posted ARC reviews and my Wednesday post in January, I’ll skip this part this time round.





And that’s a wrap, guys!

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Creative Writing graduate. A Northerner in London. I probably love books a bit too much. Also enjoy vampires, unicorns, man love, tennis & can't get enough of trashy teen novels. I find myself thinking 'What Would Buffy Do?' way too frequently. HIYA!

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