And the Winner is… #FlashFictionBattle #HorrorOctober


OK guys, all week you have been voting for your favourite horror prompt so that the above authors can battle it out for the best short horror story! 

The votes are finally in! Thank you to everyone who voted and to Cleo, Lynn and Drew for also posting the poll and spreading the word. 

With no further ado, here is your top three…

In 3rd place is Circus of Blood with 45 votes (sorry Drew)!

In 2nd place we have Bad night for a storm with 49 votes. 

And the winner is…







3am. Full dark. One sound with 60 votes


So there you have it blog friends. I can’t wait to see what the writers come up with. Watch this space for their entries, and you will then have the opportunity to vote for your favourite just in time for Halloween!

Full breakdown of votes below…


Prompt                                                 Votes per poll

3am. Full dark. One sound. 47+6+7=60  
Bad night for a storm 33+6+10=49  
Circus of Blood 29+9+7=45  
Monsters aren’t born… 25+5+4=34  
Guttural sounds of the 70s 18+5+5=28  
The Body 17+2+0=19  
Unspeakable crimes 16+7+2=25  
Red Tape Road Trip 9+2+0=11

10 thoughts on “And the Winner is… #FlashFictionBattle #HorrorOctober

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