This Week in Books 05.09.18 #TWIB


Welcome to This Week in Books, where we share what we’ve been up to in bookland this week and look ahead to next!

Happy Wednesday, Everyone. I skipped last week’s post so I’ve got lots of books to share with you today!

Last week I dipped in and out of Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race, which was a fascinating and powerful read, but not one that I could read a lot of at a time, so it took me a while to get through. I made up for that at the weekend though by reading a book (Cinderella Boy) in one day because IJUSTCOULDN’TPUTITDOWN. I also continued my journey into audiobook land, with mixed results!


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NOW:  I’ve been listening to The Raven Boys all week, which is a book that’s been on my TBR list for a long time. It started off OK, but I’m not sure if I’ll finish it. The narrator is fine, if not a little over the top sometimes, but every time I listen to it I seem to drift off and not pay attention. I’ll give it one last go when I’m out walking today; seems a shame to stop at the 60% mark.

I’m also reading Home Fire by Kamila Shamsie for my library’s book group tomorrow. I haven’t gotten very far into it yet (oops!). Home Fire won the Women’s Fiction Prize this year and is Longlisted for the Man Booker so I’m interested to see what the group make of it.

THEN: The last book I finished was Cinderella Boy by Kristina Meister, which I loved and read in one sitting! It wasn’t perfect, but it was definitely an addictive YA read!

Before that, I finished Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race and the audio-book of Ginny Moon, which were both great. 

NEXT: Definitely Circe, the long awaited second historical novel by Madeline Miller. Gah can’t wait. Hoping to start it later today. Her debut The Song of Achilles blew me away!


This meme was originally started by Breaking the Spine. It’s where we choose one upcoming release that we just can’t wait for!


Archenemies // Marissa Meyer // Renegades #2 // November 6th 2018 // Feiwel & Friends //  Goodreads

The first book was great, so looking forward to this one.

What have you been reading this week? Let me know in the comments below, or why not join in and publish a TWIB post of your own. Leave the link to your post and i’ll come take a look.

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Creative Writing graduate. A Northerner in London. I probably love books a bit too much. Also enjoy vampires, unicorns, man love, tennis & can't get enough of trashy teen novels. I find myself thinking 'What Would Buffy Do?' way too frequently. HIYA!

6 thoughts on “This Week in Books 05.09.18 #TWIB”

  1. I really want to read Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race, it sounds so interesting! Circe is a 2018 release I need to get to soon, too – I loved The Song of Achilles so much – and you’re not alone with The Raven Boys. I really hoped to like that one but I couldn’t get into it, I think Maggie Stiefvater just isn’t an author I get along with.

    1. I really liked it but know some that didn’t. It was a bit similar to Red Queen if you read that series, with an extra dash of X-Men. Definitely worth a go if you like that kind of thing!

  2. I adored The Song of Achilles, and I have Circe waiting to be read… just haven’t been quite able to squeeze it in so far! 🙂

  3. It’s great to read addictive YA sometimes. 🙂 Thanks for hosting! (P.S. Has your blog theme changed?)

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