This Month in Books: December 2015 #TMIB


I’m actually quite sad that December is over. It came and went way too quickly, and it didn’t feel very Christmassy at all, despite my best efforts. I’m mainly blaming that on the weather – when is it going to get cold, London???

I did have a really nice time though, so of course, blogging took a bit of a back seat, but such is life!

December 2015 Stats

Total Posts: 12 (+2 from previous month)

Books Read: 5 (+1)
Winter ~ Marissa Meyer
The Christmas we Met ~ Kate Lord Brown
Happily Ever After ~ Keira Cass
The Magic of Christmas ~ Trisha Ashley
A Family Christmas ~ Katie Flynn

The Breakdown:
Genres: YA (2/5); Holiday/Festive (3/5)

Formats/Sources: Advance Copy (1/5); Digital (1/5); Hardback (0/5); Paperback (4/5); Owned (4/5)

Most Surprising: Winter
Most Disappointing: Happily Ever After
Most Exciting: Winter
Most Swoon-worthy: Winter
Most Beautifully Written: The Christmas we Met

Reviews: 2 (-2)

      • Winter by Marissa Meyer, 4/5 (View)
      • The Christmas we Met by Kate Lord Brown, 3/5 (View)

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That’s it for this year, guys! Thanks for reading, and Happy New Year to you all!

This Week in Books 30.12.15 #TWIB


Welcome to my weekly post, where I sum-up what I’ve been up to in bookland the past week.


The last TWIB post of 2015!!! Woah, where has the year gone, seriously?

I hope you all had a great Christmas and I want to wish everyone all the best for 2016.

Like I said last week, I’m going to be taking a break from blogging in January but I will continue to publish this post each Wednesday and the odd Top Ten Tuesday.

I have added a form at the bottom of this post so you can leave the link to your post (whether it’s TWIB, WWW Wednesda y or a similar post) so that other bloggers can find you and vice-versa.

Here’s my week in books…


Now: Half a King ~ Joe Abercrombie

I’m still reading this one. I was really enjoying it, but then Christmas happened and I got no reading done at all 😦  Looking forward to getting back into the swing of things though.

Then: A Family Christmas ~ Katie Flynn // The Magic of Christmas ~ Trisha Ashley

Both cute, festive reads

Next: ???

Sanctuary Bay by Burns & Metz, as it’s a Jan ARC

I got lots of lovely books for Christmas so I will be sharing my ‘New to the Shelves’ in a separate post this time round.

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This Week in Books 23.12.15


Welcome to my weekly post, where I sum-up what I’ve been up to in bookland the past week.

Merry Christmas week, everyone!

I’m starting to wind down the blog now to take some time off over Christmas and New Year, but I will be posting one final Festive post tomorrow and some end-of-the-year round-ups between Christmas and 2016.

I plan on taking January off, apart from this Wednesday post and maybe the odd TTT, so all that remains to say is have a great Christmas and Happy New Year to you all, and I’ll be back in full swing in February!

Here’s my week in books…


Now: Half a King ~ Joe Abercrombie // A Family Christmas ~ Katie Flynn

I’ve only just started these two, but enjoying both so far.

Then: The Magic of Christmas ~ Trisha Ashley

This was quite a nice comforting Christmas read, but not that exciting really.

Next: ???

It probably depends on what Santa brings me! 🙂 🙂

New on the Shelves

(Linking up with Stacking the Shelves)


I picked up a copy of Half a King from a charity shop, which I’ve wanted to read for ages.

I was also approved for these via Netgalley:

Bookishly Ever After ~ Isabel Bandeira

This was my Waiting on Wednesday pick last week so I’m happy I was approved for it!


In a perfect world, sixteen-year-old Phoebe Martins’ life would be a book. Preferably a YA novel with magic and a hot paranormal love interest. Unfortunately, her life probably wouldn’t even qualify for a quiet contemporary. But when Phoebe finds out that Dev, the hottest guy in the clarinet section, might actually have a crush on her, she turns to her favorite books for advice. Phoebe overhauls her personality to become as awesome as her favorite heroines and win Dev’s heart. But if her plan fails, can she go back to her happy world of fictional boys after falling for the real thing?

The Glass Castle ~ Trisha Priebe & Jerry B. Jenkins

I am also choosing this as my Waiting On Wednesday pick!


You’ll love joining in the adventures of The Glass Castle, brand-new from Trisha White Priebe and Jerry Jenkins, where the setting from The Chronicles of Narnia Meets the action from Alice in Wonderland.The king is growing old and is concerned about who will replace him. His new wife wants to produce an heir to the throne. The only problem? The king’s first wife gave birth to a son, and no one knows for sure what happened to him. Rumors swirl throughout the castle. The solution is simple: dispose of all orphans in the kingdom. Except, it isn’t that easy. Avery and her friends won’t go quietly. And what they’ve discovered could blow the kingdom apart.

So, that’s my week in books, now how about yours?

If you still do a similar WWW post (or just want to join in, leave your link/answers in the comments, OR why not tweet using #TWIB, and I’ll come and visit.

This Week in Books 16.12.15 #TWIB


Welcome to my weekly post, where I sum-up what I’ve been up to in bookland the past week.


I hope you guys are all having a good week and are feeling festive! I am 🙂

Here’s my week in books…


Now: The Magic of Christmas ~ Trisha Ashley

Started off pretty promising. Trisha’s books are always so comforting!

Then: Happily Ever After ~ Kiera Cass

I didn’t really need to buy this book. I’d already read 2/4 of the short stories in it, but it’s The Selection and I just couldn’t help myself. I was a bit disappointed in it though! Sigh.

Next: ???

I’m not sure this time. I have a few more festive treats to get through, including A Family Christmas by Katie Flynn, so maybe that!

New on the Shelves

(Linking up with Stacking the Shelves)

My copy of Red Queen arrived! I only had an eARC which quite franly is not good enough. It’s so pretty! Will deffo have to reread it before book 2 now.

I also added this from Netgalley. It’s not out until March

The Lamentations of Zeno



German glacier expert Zeno Hintermeier is taking his last voyage to the Antarctic as a lecturer on board an international cruise ship. He attends to the curiosity of a privileged few as they marvel at the least explored continent and pay witness to its rapid degradation. In his early sixties, Zeno mourns the loss of his beloved glaciers, the disintegration of his loveless marriage, and the crumbling of his increasingly irrelevant career.

Increasingly desperate he hatches a horrifying plan, and driven to the brink, he is convinced that his only option is to shake his fellow passengers out of their complacency and send a wake-up call to the world. With poignant, playful prose, The Lamentations of Zeno is a portrait of a man in extremis, a haunting tale that looks at the greatest challenge of our age from a uniquely human angle.

I’m Waiting On…

(Linking up with Breaking the Spine)

Bookishly Ever After ~ Isabel Bandeira

The cover sold me!


In a perfect world, sixteen-year-old Phoebe Martins’ life would be a book. Preferably a YA novel with magic and a hot paranormal love interest. Unfortunately, her life probably wouldn’t even qualify for a quiet contemporary. But when Phoebe finds out that Dev, the hottest guy in the clarinet section, might actually have a crush on her, she turns to her favorite books for advice. Phoebe overhauls her personality to become as awesome as her favorite heroines and win Dev’s heart. But if her plan fails, can she go back to her happy world of fictional boys after falling for the real thing?

Expected Publication: January 12th 2016 by Spencer Hill Contemporary

So, that’s my week in books, now how about yours?

If you still do a similar WWW post (or just want to join in, leave your link/answers in the comments, OR why not tweet using #TWIB, and I’ll come and visit.

Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Books of 2015 #TTT


Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish (click the link to visit them) who pick a different topic each week.

This week the topic is: Top Ten Books Read This Year

It’s time for everybody’s favourite TTT of the year; our favourite reads of 2015… how to choose!

I actually found it quite easy this year, although I really wanted to do a top 13. The most difficult part was putting them in order. I’ve changed them around so many times, but my top 3 was always cemented!

So here goes, in descending order, naturally!


An English Ghost Story ~ Kim Newman


“The Naremore family move into a grand old house in the countryside which was previously owned by a famous children’s author whose popular series of books were about a haunted boarding school. It turns out that these books were a lot less fictitious than anyone would have believed.

An English Ghost Story was exactly what I was looking for! It was a book which started with promise. I was absorbed from the beginning even before anything spooky happened and then it built up its suspense and creepiness in a masterful, almost majestic way.”

Full Review // Goodreads // Purchase

Released: October 2014 // Read: October 2015


Behind Closed Doors ~ Elizabeth Haynes



“Behind Closed Doors is another compelling, page-turning read from Police Analyst Elizabeth Haynes.

This is the third book I’ve read by Haynes and I’ve found them all to be edge-of-your-seat thrilling and interesting in the most excellent dark and gritty way. Behind Closed Doors was no exception.

Haynes is masterful at navigating the multi-layer plot about a girl who was abducted on a family holiday and has returned after 10 years, posing more questions than there are answers.”

Full Review // Goodreads // Purchase

Released: Jan 2015 // Read: October 2015


Frozen Charlotte ~ Alex Bell


“This book actually gave me nightmares (well, it gave me one – it was pretty awesome).

For starters, creepy-ass miniture porcelain dolls with their hands outstretched like they died reaching for you. Dolls that are everywhere, even in the walls. Dolls that whisper. Dolls with needles… But more about them later…I’m getting ahead of myself.

And it wasn’t just the creep-factor that was good about this book, I literally could not put it down. I was sneakily reading it at work and stayed up wayyy past my bed time to finish it off!”


Full Review // Goodreads // Purchase

Released: Jan 2015 // Read: Jan 2015


Vengeance Road ~ Erin Bowman



“Vengeance Road is a fast-paced, action-packed, tale of adventure and revenge in the shape of a good old-fashioned Western.

Plucky protagonist Kate thought her father was hung for the sake of it, but when she makes her way to Abe’s ranch, someone her father instructed her to seek out should anything happen to him, she discovers that she didn’t know him as well as she thought.

Hurrah for this is basically what I want to say! It’s not often you come across new and exciting strands of YA, and Vengeance Road was definitely that. Bowman weaves a thrilling, old fashioned yarn of an adventure and makes it look all shiny and new.”

Full Review // Goodreads // Purchase

Released: Sept 2015 //  Read: Sept 2015


The Kiss of Death ~ Marcus Sedgwick


“I will read anything this man writes. FACT.

Marcus Sedgwick takes folklore and fairy tales and turns them into Gothic beauty. My Swordhand is Singing was the first Sedgwick book I ever read, and it remains my favourite. I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to pick up the sequel.

The Kiss of Death is a story centred around Marko whose father is missing. Last known to have headed to Venice to see a patient- for he is a doctor- Marko heads off in search of him, against his mother’s best wishes.

The Kiss of Death is a lyrical, beautifully written book, such as I have come to expect from Sedgwick. I was so happy to be reunited with Peter, and hear more of his tragic, heroic, story.”

Full Review // Goodreads // Purchase

Released: Sept 2008 // Read: Oct 2015


Red Queen ~ Victoria Aveyard



In Victoria Aveyard’s take on a dystopian future, there are two classes. The Redbloods, the lowly commoners who do all the physical and menial jobs, and are conscripted to fight in the war, and the Silverbloods, the ruling class, who all have different powers such as the ability to manipulate fire, water or metal – much like the X-MEN (which I LOVE).

I’d gone through a whole array of feelings about this book before I even picked it up. Firstly, from the cover alone I was so taken with it I couldn’t wait to read it. Then I started seeing it described as The Hunger Games meets The Selection via X-men, and my mind was blown. BLOWN.

But then, the hype just went a bit mad. It was all over the blogosphere and while I tired to avoid most of the reviews, I started to doubt my first thoughts and wondered if this was just another Hunger Games wannabe; all hype and no substance….

Thankfully, I was wrong. Red Queen, whilst having some flaws, ended up completely surpassing my expectations. And it made me want to throw it across the room (yet another downside to the e-book!), in the best possible way.”

Full Review // Goodreads // Purchase

Released: Feb 2015 // Read: Jan 2015


Winter ~ Marissa Meyer


“OMG I cannot tell you how happy I felt reading this, and having all the amazing characters from the previous books finally brought together to defeat the evil Queen Levana! Insert fangirl squeal here.

Winter was everything I hoped for and more. Cinder kicked-ass, Scarlet was sassy and hilarious, Cress was adorably cute and Princess Winter…oh how I love her crazy ways.

And don’t even get me started on the guys. I mean, how are supposed to choose between Prince Kai, Captain Thorne and Wolf..? I just can’t even!”

Full Review // Goodreads // Purchase

Released: Nov 2015 // Read: Nov 2015


Darkest part of the Forest ~ Holly Black



“YES! This is what I’ve been waiting for by Holly Black.

The Darkest Part of the Forest is a fairy book with bite. It reads like a deliciously dark classic fairy tale, but it’s thoroughly modern too.

In the small town of Fairfold, humans go about their days like any average community, but there’s just one difference, faeries also exist. On the whole, faeries have come to be accepted and their magic is seen as harmless. However, many people in Fairfold continue to abide by certain rules and superstitions in order to make them immune to their magic, making you raise an eyebrow as to whether they are as harmless as everyone thinks they are.

I was blown away by how Holly Black built this world of fae but made it so modern. I loved that Hazel was a Knight. I loved that the kids of Fairfold seemed so normal despite living amongst faeries. I mean, they get wasted  and dance around (and on top) of the the horned boy’s coffin… so much to love.”

Full Review // Goodreads // Purchase

Released: Jan 2015 // Read: Jan 2015


The Quality of Silence ~ Rosamund Lupton


“The Quality of Silence is an assault on your senses. You can feel the snow, smell the petrol, and see harsh landscape of Alaska so vividly, it’ll have you grabbing for your fur-lined coat, such is the magic of Lupton’s writing.

Yasmin, who loves her husband yet feels estranged from him, came to Alaska to try to make their marriage work one last time. After hearing the news [of his death] she refuses to believe [it]. She will believe it only when she sees it, but the police refuse to help, and have stopped the search, adamant that no one could have survived.

And so Yasmin and Ruby, set off on the most dangerous road trip imaginable, to find Daddy, to find the husband, to keep hope alive.

This book BLEW ME AWAY. I know people say that all the time, but woah…it was just amazing.

I loved the setting, the characters – especially Ruby – who is AMAZING, and the slow, mysterious reveal of what happened to Ruby’s dad…it was all amazing.”

Full Review // Goodreads // Purchase

Released: July 2015 // Read: April 2015


Aristotle & Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe ~ Benjamin Alire Sáenz


“Oh this book, you guys.

I fell in love with it instantly and read it in two sittings. The story is set in El Paso, Texas, and narrated by Ari. Ari’s a loner and more troubled than he even lets himself acknowledge. He’s clever and funny, but he’s angry too. He’s angry that his dad won’t talk about the war that has affected him so badly. He’s a angry that his brother is in prison and that his family won’t tell him why. In fact they pretend he doesn’t exist at all.

Ari meets Dante, who offers to teach him how to swim. On paper they are complete opposites. Dante is effervescent and loved by everyone who meets him. He finds it easy to open up to people and talk about his feelings; everything Ari isn’t, and can’t do.

The two become inseparable during one summer, and together they try to make sense of the world.

I’m reluctant to say much more plot-wise but just know this: Aristotle and Dante is a beautifully written, heart-wrenching coming-of-age story that I know will stay with me for a long time. I’ll definitely be reading this again in the future.

I love the setting, I loved the relationship between Ari and his mum, and obviously the relationship between Ari and Dante…I just can’t even… have ALL THE UNICORNS. I need to get my hands on Alire Sáenz’s other books STAT!”

Full Review // Goodreads // Purchase

Released: April 2014 // Read: March 2015

Just missed out:


Rebel Belle ~ Rachel Hawkins

The Heir ~ Kiera Cass

Golden Boy ~ Abigail Tarttelin

So there you have it, my favourite reads from 2015. I’m actually surprised that most of them are 2015 releases, as I felt like I was so behind with reading new releases this year! I’m impressed with myself LOL. 

Can’t wait to see what made everyone else’s lists, even though I know it’ll kill me TBR-list-wise. Oh well. BRING IT ON!


The Christmas We Met by Kate Lord Brown

christmaswemetAuthor: The Christmas We Met
Author: Kate Lord Brown
Series: N/A
Format: Digital ARC, 416 pages
Publication Details: October 22nd 2015 by Orion
Genre(s): Romance; Holiday; Mystery
Disclosure? Yep! I received an advance copy in exchange for an HONEST review.

Goodreads // Purchase


A gorgeous winter tale about the secrets revealed by a collection of family jewels.

A talented young jewellery designer fights to rebuild her life and family by solving the mystery surrounding a diamond brooch given to her by her grandmother.

When Grace Manners takes up residence on the Wittering Manor estate in Sussex, she little realizes working alongside eccentric Fraser Stratton will change her life.

Since her husband disappeared, along with most of their money, Grace has struggled to make ends meet and the little cottage on the estate is both a refuge and a workshop for her jewellery business. It’s only when Grace begins to uncover the story behind a beautiful diamond brooch she inherited that she becomes drawn into a family secret that threatens to destroy what little she has left…


The Christmas We Met is the story of Grace who has lost everything. Her husband destroyed her jewellry company, building up crippling debts and then disappeared, leaving a note that suggested suicide.

Grace and her daughter, end up moving into a cottage on the Wittering Estate, after Grace lands a job as a receptionist/typist/personal assistant to eccentric Fraser, head of the manor, who wants help writing his memoirs.

Seeing as Grace is a talented jeweller, the job reinforces what she has lost, but will also give her the chance to solve a mystery, and feel part of a family once more.

I really enjoyed The Christmas We Met. It was a quick, light, read, with an interesting mystery and a cute romance. And it had all the secrets and lies one needs for a bumpy, yet compelling family drama.

The main reason why I’ve only given it 3/5 is because it just wasn’t Christmassy enough. Only the first and last scenes were really festive and wintry, but I was expecting this throughout. I wouldn’t really class it as a festive read, which is what I was hankering for. It was also fairly predictable.

The Christmas We Met is a heart-warming romance and a light-hearted mystery set in a beautiful manor teeming with secrets, only the lack of festiveness let it down for me.

unicorn rating 3

Last Month in Books: November 2015


November was a pretty busy month yet again. My mum came for a visit, as did my friend who lives in Germany, and of course…I began getting festive. None of this helped me get as much reading done as I’d have liked, but that’s life!

I also posted my least amount of posts in a month…oops! Must.Try.Harder!

November 2015 Stats

Total Posts: 10 (-15 from previous month)

Books Read: 4 (-3)
An English Ghost Story ~ Kim Newman
Behind Closed Doors ~ Elizabeth Haynes
The Winter Place ~ Alexander Yates
The Light that gets Lost ~ Natasha Carthew

The Breakdown:
Genres: YA (2/4); Horror (1/4); Crime Fiction (1/4)

Formats/Sources: Advance Copy (3/4); Digital (3/4); Hardback (0/4); Paperback (1/4); Owned (1/4)

Most Surprising: An English Ghost Story
Most Disappointing: The Winter Place
Most Exciting: An English Ghost Story
Most Swoon-worthy: Nada! 😦
Most Beautifully Written: The Light that gets Lost

Reviews: 4 (-1)

    • An English Ghost Story by Kim Newman, 4/5 (View)
    • Behind Closed Doors by Elizabeth Haynes, 5/5 (View)
    • The Winter Place by Alexander Yates 3/5 (View)
    • The Light that gets Lost by Natasha Carthew, 4/5 (View)

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That’s all from November!